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What is Eagle Vision? A question that is easy to answer. When we started our project in 2021 the intention was to unite several interest groups. This basic idea resulted in us founding “Eagle Signals” on discord where we focus on the broad categories of trading and reselling. Our goal is to become the market leader through our unique diversity in the industry. The ultimate step will be remodeling the project to our own app at the right time in the future. If you would like to sharpen your vision related to trade and resell join us on our journey and be part of the growth of this project.

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Premium Pass

25 / per month
  • Cook group and trading department included
  • Always up to date on the resell market and the financial markets!
  • Position yourself more broadly and profit from the resell business on bad stock exchange days and the other way around!
  • Expand your personal investment opportunities through expanded knowledge and offer

Resell Pass

15 / per month
  • Numerous sneaker/tech monitors
  • Raffle Informations
  • Daily/Weekly timetable
  • Guides for beginners and advanced resellers
  • Upcoming release informations
  • Investment and hold/flip tips
  • Groupbuys/Giveaways

Trading Pass

15 / per month
  • Stock/Option/Crypto/Forex alerts (from 9 traders)
  • Challenges (like $100-$1,000)
  • Market news
  • NFT analyses
  • Education

Our Community

We are a growing community of experienced traders, resellers, educators and more who make trading and reselling easy for you. Our platform is the place to expand your knowledge about trading and reselling, exchange ideas with other traders/resellers and get the best information to become successful. We want you to expand your knowledge about trading and reselling. Get the chance to communicate with other traders/resellers and get step by step tutorials and benefit from live alerts from our experts and analysts.

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You can email us for any questions or concerns at any time. Our customer service staff will do their best to respond within 24 hours.