**Diplomatt Special Coverage:**
• Over the past few months, troop buildup on the Russia-Ukraine border has continued to grow. White House officials believe that Russia could launch an attack „at any point.“ According to US officials, the Russian invasion aims to take Ukraine’s capital of Kyiv to overthrow the government. This intel is in line with Russian forces arriving in Belarus for „joint military drills“ and so happens to be 80KM from the capital. Russia has evacuated their embassy in Ukraine, and UK officials told their embassy in Ukraine to be ready for „crisis mode.“
• These aggressive actions come on the heels of NATO releasing their space policy which states that „NATO will consider an attack against a member country’s assets in space as an assault on the alliance, and such actions could lead to a coordinated armed response from all members.“ This means that if Russia were to shoot down a NATO member’s satellite during their invasion of Ukraine, NATO would view this as an act of war.
• At this point, it certainly seems more like a question of „when“ rather than „If.“

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