**Cryptocurrency News:**
• JOE, the native token of Avalanche-based decentralized exchange Trader Joe, is leading a rally in DEX coins after the protocol announced modular staking. This system gives token owners three independent ways of staking their holding.
• Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced the nation’s budget on Tuesday, revealing it will tax digital assets at a 30% rate. However, a different section is raising more alarm within the crypto industry.
• Crypto exchange FTX is set to acquire Japan’s Liquid Group and its operating subsidiaries, one of which runs a licensed crypto exchange in the country.
• MicroStrategy plans to continue investing its free flows into bitcoin and expects its investors to think of it as a vehicle for crypto exposure.
The firm shared its Q4 earnings report today, noting that it acquired 53,922BTC in 2021 at an average purchase price of $48,710. That brings the firm’s total BTC up to 124,391.
• Popular music festival Coachella has partnered with crypto exchange FTX US to launch an NFT collection, according to a tweet from the festival’s official Twitter account.
• 776 Management, the VC firm owned by Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, has raised $500 million for two new funds primarily focused on crypto.
• The DIAN, the Colombian tax authority, has announced it is taking special measures to tighten controls on taxpayers currently using cryptocurrencies to transact. With these actions, the organization seeks to detect any taxpayers who have used crypto assets, failed to report these activities, or reported them erroneously.

**Top 10 Trending Cryptos:**
3. LNR
7. BTC
9. GTO
10. SOL

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