**Cryptocurrency News:**
• Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase was forced into an outage after its ad during Super Bowl LVI brought about a surge in traffic.
• Crypto apps shot up App Store download charts in the US on Monday morning, after a Super Bowl studded with digital assets advertising.
• Representatives of India’s cryptocurrency industry met with senior policymakers at the finance ministry to make them reconsider some aspects of the new crypto taxation policy.
• The Israel Securities Authority (ISA) has big plans to regulate the country’s fintech space. It is hosting its first-ever fintech hackathon next month as a first step.
• The UK’s tax body seized three non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and arrested three people on suspicion of attempting to defraud it of £1.4 million.
• The US Treasury reassured six concerned senators that it did not plan to treat crypto miners, stakers, and wallet providers as brokers for tax purposes.
• Jamaica is planning to roll out its central bank digital currency (CBDC) this year, according to an announcement from Prime Minister Andrew Holness.
• The chief executive of rideshare company Uber has said the firm „absolutely“ will accept crypto in the future but prefaced those remarks by saying such a move would only happen under particular conditions.
• From March 9, the decentralized exchange platform PancakeSwap will reportedly start blocking access to Iranian IP addresses.

**Top 10 Trending Cryptos:**
3. BE
4. FTM
5. FTX
7. ONG
8. KDA
9. SOL
10. ATH

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