**Cryptocurrency News:**
• A slew of cryptocurrency companies could be forced to wind down their business in the U.K. if they fail to register with the finance watchdog ahead of a key deadline next week.
• The full U.S. Senate will vote on a bill looking to mitigate risks to the U.S. financial system from El Salvador’s adoption of bitcoin as legal tender after the bill was passed out of committee on Wednesday.
• Stock and bond issuance, trading, and settlement via blockchain technology will be tested in the European Union under a five-year pilot program approved by the European Parliament in Brussels.
• Video game developer Krafton announced a partnership with Solana Labs on Wednesday that could bring NFTs to its popular battleugiwvoyale game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.
• Acala, a parachain project on Polkadot, has launched a $250 million ecosystem fund to boost the adoption of its stablecoin.
• Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission announced that it is banning the use of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment for goods and services from April 1.
• In an effort to embrace virtual money, the city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, will allow residents to pay their bills in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
• Stargate Finance, a cross-chain protocol designed to assist users in transferring assets between different blockchains, has accrued over $1.9 billion in total value locked in less than a week after launching.
• The Japanese social media and messenger software firm Line Corporation has announced the company is introducing a NFT marketplace on April 13.
• On Wednesday, the head of growth at Loopring, Adam Browman, announced that the recently teased Gamestop NFT marketplace had launched its beta version using Loopring’s layer two technology.

**Top 10 Trending Cryptos:**
1. APE
4. AXS
6. ADA
7. ETH
8. BTC
9. LRC
10. WEB3

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